As the rich media landscape is forever evolving, the demand for high-impact experiences rises to new levels, as we constantly strive to achieve lasting impressions for our clients. Since 2005, Shimti Multimedia has been regimented to this principle through our notion of ‘The Breathe of Life In Multimedia’; which simply reminds us that within each and every client engagement there exists an opportunity to explore the new creative potential. It is this vision that drives our commitment to push the boundaries of design and technology and to deliver the best next-generation solutions. At Shimti Multimedia, we harness our insight, dedication, and expertise to challenge the boundaries of creativity and deliver on tomorrow’s capabilities. At the helm of our vision is the founder of Shimtimultimedia who has several years of industry experience and a diverse foundation of skills and knowledge. At Shimti Multimedia we constantly challenge ourselves to fully harness our creative potential. Since our inception and throughout Shimtimultimedia’s history it has invariably been observed that no two projects have ever been the same.


Often, we have witnessed first-hand as other agencies overwhelm their staff and resources through their burning desire to develop a single universal methodology. As a result, top-tier service providers are frequently more costly and less capable of working against a stringent deadline. For Shimtimultimedia the added expense that comes from a particularly burdensome process is simply unacceptable. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively ‘flip the script’, as we believe that a flexible process is central to meeting our client’s needs while maintaining efficiency. At Shimtimultimedia, we leverage our proven methodologies and expertise to create practical, rewarding relationships with our clients while delivering solutions that reach beyond their expectations.

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