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The name Shimt Multimedia is a conglomerate word that was created to hold deeper symbolic meanings for those able to decipher the codex. Around the world the word Shimti has many meanings which vary from region to region. So we use the word in our own vernacular context to say more with less. In the ancient Akkadian culture the goddess Shimti ("fate") was an important deity within their pantheon. The ancient West-Semetic goddess Ashima is said to be related to the Akkadian goddess Shimti yet she was a goddess in her own right. Damkina, for example, was titled banat shimti, "creator of fate". As a personification of fate, Ashima was cognate with the South Semitic goddess Manathu (or Manāt) whose name meant "the measurer, fate, or portion" who was worshiped by the Nabataean peoples of Jordan and other early South Semitic and Arabian peoples. The numerical value of Shimti in Chaldean Numerology is 9 while the numerical value of Shimti in Pythagorean Numerology is 6. In other more controversial opinions Shimti was the laboratory on Mars where man was genetically engineered before being transported to Earth at some point in the distant past. There are undoubtedly more meanings and variations which we have not covered here so we use it in terms of being the "Fate" of Multimedia as we chart out new trends and creative ideas.


Ever since 2007 Shimtimultimedia has been involved in professional projects in fields such as graphic design, video editing, 3D animation and much more. Working with some of the latest tools on the market such as Adobe After Effects, 3ds Max, Photoshop and many others. We are a very small studio that uses extensive outsouring to accomplish many design goals. At the heart of our operation is the desire to breathe new life into every multimedia challenge that we come across. Our business model is structured mainly for eCommerce but we still offer freelance services to the public.


Currently we are developing more digital content which are sold in various markets through our global eCommerce systems. Through the power of social media and our digital partnerships we are able to provide high quality goods at a low cost. Our development pipeline has been upgraded and enhance in order to facilitate smooth and easy financial transactions, customer service and overall positive experience.


Our plans for the future is to continue to develop and evolve by learning and growing more advanced in the upcoming technologies of the future. We believe that positive thinking produces positive action which we seek to bring to eah and every client engagement.

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